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As businesses expand, office relocation often becomes necessary in order to facilitate the deployment of new infrastructure and workspace areas. The only problem is that many standard moving companies aren’t adequately prepared to cater for many businesses full office relocation requirements. Either moving companies are unfamiliar with how to pack and organize integral office infrastructure components, or they are simply unaware of how even minor delays can severely disrupt business day to day operations.

Thankfully, at T&T Mcnaught Transport & Logistics, we pride ourselves on being able to minimize the risk of day to day office disruption. This is why we are currently positioned as one of Australia’s leading business relocation companies.



At T&T Mcnaught Transport & Logistics, we understand that every office relocation is a unique event. This is why prior to an office relocation itself, we liaise with clients in order to undertake comprehensive planning and analysis. Our planning exercises include site surveys and full assessment of your office inventory. This way, we can effectively stagger collection and delivery of office furniture and infrastructure components, in such a way that leads to as smooth as possible a transition to your new premises.



Because of our commitment to facilitating seamless business relocations, we are one of Australia’s leading moving companies for:

  • Office relocations
  • Office churns
  • Long & short term project management services
  • Warehouse moves
  • Factory relocations
  • Packing assistance
  • PC and server moves
  • Lab relocations

As far as we are concerned, the key to a successful office relocation always rests with business owners themselves working with moving companies who can provide everything from adequate packing services to expeditious dismantling and reassembly of office furniture and IT equipment.

Of course, in many cases, businesses find themselves in the position where they have to vacate properties prior to the availability of their new center of operations. The good news in this case, however, is that as part of our office relocation services, we can arrange short and long-term storage of business and office equipment.

Are you in the process of vetting moving companies who can help facilitate your next office relocation? If so, make sure to reach out to us at T&T Mcnaught Transport & Logistics today. We have both the smaller and larger scale project management expertise that you need to help your next office relocation go as smoothly as possible. All you need to do us reach out to us directly to discuss your specific relocation needs in more detail.


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